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14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Kentucky To Ride Now (2023)

If you’re living in Louiseville, Lexington-Fayette, Bowling Green or Owensboro then you’ve got some great dirt bike trails.

These are places that you don’t need to travel far to explore. Some of these spots you can literally ride from home provided you have a registered dirt bike with insurance and a licence. Most people do haul their bikes in the back of the truck or on a trailer.

Best Dirt Bike Trails Kentucky

We’ve done this roundup of the best riding areas to save you a ton of time! After all, it’s just much more fun to be out there on the ground and exploring these regions. If the sun is shining, then refer to this list and get yourself out there!

While it’s not a review of these places in that we haven’t ranked these in a particular order, we’ve removed places that didn’t meet our expectations. We wanted to show you enduro and open riding areas instead of the typical MX track that loops around. Some are tight forest tracks and others are open savannah.

So essentially, these are Kentucky’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park

This is the best spot in all of Kentucky! You’ll have to head to Knott County which is near Lexington and Cincinnati. Here is where you’ll find miles and miles of dirt bike trails spread across more than 40,000 acres. They actually separate the dirt bikes from the other offroad vehicles here.

Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park is certainly our favorite in Kentucky!

There are many scenic forest loops and water crossings to keep you guessing behind the handlebars. Both beginners and experienced riders will be well served with both easy and more difficult trails here which are well marked. Fortunately, this is one of those places which remain open year-round and the campground is well served with RV hookups and showers provided.

2. Hollerwood Park

There are more than 3,000 acres of epic riding trails at Hollerwood Park. This is private land where you can camp overnight and you’ll probably want to given how big it is. The terrain is perfect for dirt bikes but it’s also shared with other recreational vehicles.

Hollerwood Park is pretty epic.

They do monthly and yearly passes at the moment and many people around Kentucky come here often when the weather is good. It gets real busy on weekends but with so many trails to explore for both beginners and experiended riders, it’s unlikely you’ll come across another group that often.

3. Redbird Crest Trail System

100+ miles of epic trails? We’ll have that! Redbird Cres Trail System is excellent for those who want free access to riding tracks in Kentucky. This saves having to pay a moto park a fortune to get in! There are numerous tracks and the terrain is a bit tough going.

You’ll need a trail pass to ride your dirt bike on Redbird Crest Trail System

You will need both a trail pass (available from the Ranger Station) as well as a registered dirt bike and a licence. After all, this is public land within the Daniel Boone National Forest within the Redbird Ranger District. This is yet another popular place for weekend riders so come here during the week if you want the place to yourself.

4. Rush Off Road

When someone hands you over to 7,000 acres to explore, what are you gonna say? “Yes please!” and that’s what many people do at Rush Off Road. There are trails everywhere and it’s open to all OHV vehicles, so bring all your toys and camping gear too.

Most people make a weekend trip here or even stay for a few days. This is also because they sell either a weekly pass or a seasonal pass to riders, so it’s best to make the most of it. When you’re done with a day of riding, drop a fishing line into one of the numerous fishing ponds and try your luck. Don’t forget the beer!

5. West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area

While not the biggest place around, it’s still worth checking out West Kentucky ATV Recreational Area. This place is free to ride and the trails are open to dirt bikes and those from all skill levels and horse power. The terrain isn’t too challenging with mostly gravel tracks and some mud pits to make it all interesting.

6. Wildcat Adventures Offroad Park

If you’re looking for some longer loops that are clearly marked for difficulty, then Wildcat has you sored. They welcome dirt bikes and all other offroad vehicles here. The dirt bike trails are really easy to navigate and ride which makes this the perfect place to bring a first-timer looking to develop their skills slowly. You can bring the RV or simply rent one of the on-site cabins. When the riding is finished, hire a kayak or throw a line into the water as the fish start biting in the late afternoon.

7. White Sulphur OHV Trail System

Within the Daniel Boone National Forest and not far from the Redbird Crest Trail System is White Sulphur OHV Trail System. This place is smaller with under 20 miles of good trails to explore on 2 wheels. You’ll need a trail permit (Cumberland Ranger District is who you contact) and you can camp at Zilpo or Clear Creek campgrounds.

8. Turkey Bay OHV Area

This is yet another place that has more than 100 miles of trails to explore. This is becoming a common trend, isn’t it? 100 miles. Must be something in the Kentucky water supply. In addition to everything to explore here, you’ll also find a fenced-off kids motocross track to help them get started in the sport. This is one of those rare places which is open year-round though it does close when it gets too muddy as being bogged for days is a very real threat.

9. Blue Holler Offroad Park

With numerous trails on offer, Blue Holler is perfect for people from all backgrounds. These tracks are typically tight and narrow where 1st and 2nd gear will be the main go-to options. What makes them so special is the large drive-through cave which is perfect for that Instagram snap!

The occasional water crossing is worth trying out!

You can camp here although there aint no water or power but there is shower facilities and toilets to keep the family happy. A food truck comes in the busier months to serve hot food. Nearby is the Mammoth Cave National Park which is worth a hike.

10. Dirt Nasty Off Road Park

Dirt Nasty has 600 acres of trails surrounded by woodlands paired with the occasional challenging hill climb and bog hole. It’s the perfect place to let loose and it’s out towards Morehead. They only open on weekends at this stage. This isn’t to be confused with Dirty Turtle which has a similar name but is a smaller park over in Bedford, KY which is more open country and where 4th or 5th gear can finally be found.

11. Earlington Loch Mary Lake ATV Park

With around 10 miles of riding trails to explore, it’s worth checking this place out. You’ll need a permit as this is an OHV trail and goes through hardwood forests. No camping on site though there are bathrooms and some excellent scenic views. This place is also closed during hunting season.

12. Daniel Boone Motocross Park

This is a motocross track that’s usually used by enduro riders looking to improve their skills, with the track well groomed by the hosts. If you’re looking to improve your confidence when jumping then this is the place for you. Competitions are seldom held here so you stand a good chance of being able to ride here freely but it’s best to call ahead first.

13. Royal ATV Trails

If you’re looking for some flat country where you can really open up that engine and see the top end of your gearbox, then you’re in the right place. Royal ATV Trails has numerous trails, muddy bog holes and a motocross track to refine your skills. You can even hire motorcycles here if you’re not keen to bring your own, or get a friend into the sport. Neat!

14. LTR Motorsports

Have we left the best until last? Well, technically this is a list of dirt bike riding trails in Kentucky and not one that covers motocross. We just love to explore the state just like you. However, this place is just too good not to mention.

You see, the problem is that winter riding really does suck because it’s cold. Most of these spots actually close when it’s snowing and yet it’s Christmas time that we have the most available time to go riding. Luckily, LTR Motorsports have an indoor motocross track over in Maysville which is open to dirt bikes and quad bikes alike.

Getting Started

Now we’re finished with one lepic list of places where you can ride in the state. Kentucky is certainly lucky to have all these spots available and those out of state typically make a trek in with the toy hauler in tow. If that’s you, then create a plan and try to hit 2 to 3 of these riding areas within the same trip.

Do try and avoid these places if it’s recently rained. We generally recommend 3 days waiting time to allow the soil to dry out relatively well, or longer if a cool change has come. Also, most of these places are best ridden with others though dual-sport riders and the adventure motorcycling fraternity do frequent these spots due to the solitude that’s offered.

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