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6 Best Minnesota Dirt Bike Trails to Ride Today (2023)

Those living in Minneapolis or the entire state of Minnesota are spoiled for choice! There are just so many dirt bike tracks.

We’ve done the research for you so you can spend more time actually riding and less time researching. Life just is so much better behind the handlebars after all, as opposed to behind the screen.

Best Minnesota Dirt Bike Tracks

Given that you’ve really got 3 months of optimum dirt bike riding weather in Minnesota, it’s best to make full use of it. Assuming you can only ride on weekends, that leaves you just 12 weekends available provided it isn’t raining.

This is why you need to do some pretty good planning in advance. Some people aim to do a Friday > Saturday > Sunday trip with their camping gear in tow. One of the best spots to go dirt bike riding and camping is Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

It’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of this local guide. Here are the best dirt bike trails in Minnesota State:

1. Chengwatana State Forest

Head north from Minneapolis and you’ll find the Chengwatana State Forest. This spot is open to dirt bikes as well as ATV’s. There is only a 6 mile loop but it’s worth cruising along here. This is right on the border of Wisconsin.

2. Trout Valley Minnesota

Head into the Richard J Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest and you’ll get 2,400 acres in which to explore. There is a 7-mile trail that’s used for dirt bikes, mountain bikes and horses, so keep this in mind. It’s bi-directional so it’s best to slow down in the corners. Bring the fishing gear and a tent for an epic weekend getaway.

3. Appleton ORV Park

With 9 miles of dirt bike trails worth exploring, Appleton is worth the trip. It’s west of Minneapolis and the area has spots for beginners and experienced riders alike. This spot gets busy on weekends and national holidays so keep this in mind.

4. Martineau Recreation Trail

Another State Forest trail is Martineau. This is within the Paul Bunyan State forest where you’ll actually find two loops which are 67 miles in total. That’s a pretty decent ride for a day! Some areas of the track can be challenging and some bog holes which take a few days to dry out after rain, so keep this in mind.

5. Hurricane Hills MX Park

Perhaps you’re not into the enduro tracks and prefer closed-circuit riding. Where you’ll find this is at Hurricane Hills MX Park which is north of Rochester, MN. Unlike most motocross areas, this one actually welcomes ATV’s with their own track as well as the general track for dirt bikes and a PeeWee track to keep the kids happy.

6. Iron Range OHV Recreatoin Area

Iron Range is also known as the Gilbert OHV Site which was an active mine until around 40 years ago. You’ve got 1,200 acres in which to explore with about half of this being the former mining operation. Several trails in here which are exciting though technical challenging too. Best to ride this with a buddy in tow.

Getting Started

There we have it! Some awesome dirt bike trails for those who call Minnesota home. Even some of those out of state do come into Minnesota to explore the forests over the weekends. The region is becoming more popular with dual-sport and adventure riders looking for some epic camping experiences.

Some of these places do close seasonally due to snow, bear sightings or even bush fire hazards. Keep this in mind and call up before you tow in. There aren’t any dirt bike resorts in the state yet though we do look forward to seeing one open real soon.

Go out there and explore! Life is just to short and your bike is begging to be ridden.

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