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7 of the Best Dirt Bike Trails Around Massachusetts (2023)

Those living in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell or Cambridge will find some great dirt bike trails around town. Frontaer has done a bit of research on your behalf!

This means you don’t need to haul up and drive for a few hours to find some riding areas. That precious time can be used to let your 4-stroke really open itself up! Like…who doesn’t love the sound of Braaap on a Saturday afternoon?

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Massachusetts

We’ve curated this list to help those who are keen to discover the very best tracks around the state. These have been derived from 3rd party sites as well as the State of Massachusetts directory of National Parks and Forest Trails which allow dirt bikes to be ridden.

We have found these to be the best dirt bike tracks around Massachusetts:

1. Freetown-Fall River State Forest

We love riding in State Forest areas because they are free and the areas are well maintained. Head into Fall River and you’ll find the Freetown-Fall River State Forest area which has 25+ miles of single track for dirt bikes. There are some challenging sections which are best done with a group.

2. The Wick 338 Massachusetts

If you love the sand, then you’ll love this MX track. Head to Southwick and you’ll find 338 which is open for public use on occasions. This is one of those ‘call before you haul’ places as they host many national events including NEMA, NESC, AMA and NEMX races.

3. Tolland State Forest

Popular with enduro, dualsport and adventure riders is the Tolland State Forest. This spot is closed for winter and most of Spring, but for the rest of the year it’s a great spot. Bring some cash as you’ll need to pay a fee at the Ranger Station. 15 miles of trails which are very scenic and you’ll feel like a million miles away. You can’t camp in the Forest but nearby at Otis Reservoir has a campground and great fishing too.

4. Hodges Village Dam

When the fish aren’t biting in the French River, jump on the dirt bike and start riding. The trains aren’t the most spectacular but the views make up for this! As does the swimming and camping facilities nearby.

5. October Mountain State Forest

October Mountain State Forest features dozens of miles of dirt bike tracks with thousands of acres to explore. If you like the tight technical forest terrain which keeps you down in 2nd or 3rd gear, then you’ll love this spot. When you’re done riding then you’ll be able to hike along the world famous Appalachian Trail. Camping facilities here but they’re quite basic.

6. Bonny Rigg Campground

While not the best, Bonny Rigg is great for camping. There are a few miles of riding terrain but they are prohibited in most parts. There are nearby loops at October Mountain, Beartown and Pittsfield. That said – you’ll need to haul between these spots unless your dirt bike has full registration. Great spot to base yourself from if you’re into fishing, hiking and swimming though.

7. Crow Hill Motor Sports Park

If you’re looking for MX tracks, then you’ll find it at Crow Hill MX park. It’s near Templeton State Forest and the main track is epic to ride and race your buddies on. The kids can have a blast on the PeeWee track and spectators will love the amenities here.

Getting out there

It’s time to get out there and really explore all the tracks around town, or even head out of state on an adventure. Dual-sport riders typically look further afield for some great spots where they can go camping in the more rugged and remote areas.

There are some spots that you can’t really ride. These include Mohawk Trail State Forest and Beartown State Forest. The Myles Standish State Forest also doesn’t allow riding, however they do allow motorcycle adventurers to camp in here.

Get some buddies together and head out to one of these spots! Don’t just bring the motorcycles and instead bring some beer, tents and cooking equipment. Make the best of the good weather and good times!

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