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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Indiana Worth Riding Today (2023)

Whether you live in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville or South Bend, you have numerous dirt bike trails on your doorstep.

Places of which most people will never see in their lifetime. Yes – this includes other motorcyclists too. These days there are just far too many people experiencing life behind the screen and not behind the handlebars.

With this guide, we hope to change this and inspire you to get out there and start exploring!

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Indiana

Frontaer has been busy auditing the best tracks worth riding around the state. We used several resources and consulted National Forest information available from the State of Indiana.

We excluded places where there was only a few miles of riding terrain. After all, you didn’t want to haul your bike(s) all that way only to discover that you could only have a quick squirt. This leaves us all with the following as a helpful guide.

These are currently Indiana’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Redbird State Riding Area

Head to Dugger, IN and you’ll find more than 1,000 acres of very interesting dirt bike trails. This area can be difficult with some rocky sections and deep ruts, with plenty of 4×4’s getting stuck in the bog holes after heavy rain. If you want to see some more experienced riders get through the rough stuff, then head along here.

2. Badlands Off Road Park Indiana

Head to Attica and you’ll find some great sand dunes, gravel hills and wooded trails. Yes – something for everyone here! If you need a break from the constant clutch control, then head over to the rock crawling section where you’ll see trial bikes attempting some creative balancing, as well as Jeep’s breaking some CV joints.

3. Foxx Lake Outdoor Area

This place really has it all! A camping area with hot showers to keep the wives happy, with excellent dirt bike trails and a motocross track to keep the husband smiling too. There are regular tournaments and even live events, so you may as well make a weekend of it! Kids are welcome to ride here.

4. Interlake State Recreation Area

Everyone can play here! Bring your 4×4, ATV or dirt bike and you’ll find yourself with miles of single track in which to explore. It gets real muddy after a few days of heavy rain, so be warned! When you’ve had enough riding, then wash it all off at one of the several man made lakes or throw in a line and catch some dinner. So much to offer here!

5. Lawrence County Recreational Park

With roughly 40 miles of marked dirt bike single track spread out on over 40 acres, dozens of motorcyclists make it along to Lawrence County Rec Park every weekend. It’s over in Bloomington and they seperate the dirt bikes from the ATV’s to avoid collisions. This is one of the few tracks that are also open on weekends too. Camping is available here for a small fee with showers provided.

6. Wabash Cannonball Motorcycle Club

Now we’re stepping back into history! This place has been running since 1937. Yes – that’s from the days of WW2. You’ll find a great hard packed and grassy track that’s welcoming of beginners, while also hosting open rides and competitions during the year. Kids are welcome with the PeeWee track proving to be very popular on weekends.

Start Riding Today

There we have it! Indiana, you’ve certainly got some great places to ride a dirt bike! Some places you can’t yet go include Indiana Dunes National Park, Hoosier National Forest and Brown County State Park. That said, these places are open to dual-sport riders looking for adventure and to camp away from the packed RV parks.

Now, you can watch riders on YouTube all day and night yet nothing can really replicate the feeling and genuine sound of a roaring 4-stroke. Grab some buddies together and make a weekend of it with epic thrills and spills, plus stories around the campfire. Life is too short to play it safe.

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