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23 Dirt Bike Tracks near Melbourne You Can Legally Ride (2023)

Melbourne is home to some great riding spots whether you have a registered trail bike or unregistered dirt bike. Here are the best dirt riding spots around!

Frontaer has done the research for you. As a brand dedicated to the offroad riding and adventure motorcycling scene, we’re dedicated towards helping customers know where they can ride.

Melbourne dirt bike riding spots

Some of these will charge you an entry fee while other spots are completely free to ride, such as forest trails. Either way, you’ll finish the day with sore muscles but with a smile on your face.

Will you need transport? Well, unless you’re an adventure motorcycle or dual sport rider, then yes.

Most of Melbourne’s best dirt bike riding spots are in the Yarra Ranges National Park. This will require a recreational or full registration plus a licence for each rider which means kids can’t ride here in most cases.

One alternative is an MX club which we’ll mention on this list too.

If you’re looking for enduro, trail and motocross tracks near Melbourne then you’ve found it. These will all require at least one hour of driving from the city centre but they’re all worth it!

Let’s jump straight in for those ready to twist the throttle. Here are Melbourne’s best dirt bike riding spots:

1. Labertouche (Larby)

One of the most popular areas in Melbourne for dirt bike riding is Labertouche (the locals call it Larby) with heaps of tracks and hill climbs. It’s only half an hour from Berwick and is the best day-trip riding spot which is why we’ve ranked this #1.

While you’re there, do the Western and Gentle Annie Tracks which are a total blast!

2. Neerim South

More-so popular with motocross bikers, it’s still a great spot to find some tight technical sections that aren’t too rutted out. It’s loam and clay here which can get really sticky in the wet months.

3. Anglesea

This is a place you gotta get to! There are plenty of tracks to explore here and you’re only 20 minutes outside of Geelong. A lot of the local dirt bike riders know this riding spot like the back of their hand.

You’ll find all types of riding here and the surface is a bit sandy. Long sweeping sections paired with tight technical stuff.

4. Kinglake West

Kinglake West is a dirt bike haven but is also popular with 4x4s especially on weekends. Look out around corners and be aware of the other dirt bike and mountain bikers that also share these tracks.

5. Noojee

Most Melbourne riders with a few seasons behind them have been out to Noojee. It’s a clay service which makes things a bit slippery in the wet but the flow of the tracks make up for this quite easily.

Melbourne dirt bike riding spots

6. Welshpool

If you decent drive with the trailer, then head over to Welshpool. Because of the distance it’s a little less popular but is great for the enduro rider who wants faster flowing tracks, not tight technical stuff.

7. Mount Taylor

Right – this is going to take a bit of commitment as it’s a couple of hours out of Melbourne. Mount Taylor is really the start of the high country and a place where epic trails begin, so worth the trip!

8. Glenmaggie

Every trail bike rider has to head to Glenmaggie at least once. Some riders say they’ve done this place 5 times and still haven’t found all the tracks, so that’s certainly saying something here!

9. Wesburn

Trail bike near Melbourne, VIC

You can ride dirt bikes in Wesburn but only when it’s NOT raining. The surface is quite boggy and most riders simply struggle. Even the 4×4 guys generally stay away from this place otherwise they’re winching all day long.

10. Big River

Big River is a really good spot outside of Melbourne to ride dirt bikes including unregistered motocross to Enduro bikes. You will still need a recreational-rego to ride here during daylight hours.

11. Rubicon

We really like Rubicon and there are certainly quite a number of tracks to explore. The place gets closed in summer sometimes when bushfires do threaten the area.

12. Cobaw

Riding a dirt bike through the mud

Sure – it’ might be small but still an awful lot of fun to be had here! It’s less popular so you’re not fighting over the trails with other offroad users which is a real plus for organized group rides.

13. Wye River

Not the best but Wye River does deliver some good riding tracks. It’s a fairly long drive to get there (up to 90 minutes) for kinda average riding though so keep that in mind. Do the rest first!

14. Broadmeadows Motocross Park

Head over to Cambellfield for the highly popular Broadmeadows Motocross Park. This is a pretty open area and they welcome beginners all the time. Rates are as follows:

Riding a dirt bike near Broadmeadows Motocross Park in Melbourne
Engine capacityFee per dayMembersAnnual
70cc and below$25$15$200
70cc to 230cc$30$20$200
250 and above$50$30$200
The family rate is $225 annually

It’s a very family-centric place with 2 of their 3 tracks reserved just for kids from 4 years old to teenagers.

15. Nunawading & District Motocross Club

Another great motocross club to get to is Nunawading & District Motocross Club which you’ll find in Vermont South. Regular races are held but unlike Broadmeadows there is only 1 track here.

16. Ride Park

Just about every MX, supercross and trail bike rider heads here when they’re new. Ride Park is located at 395 Parwan South Road, Parwan and uniquely grooms their tracks daily.

If you’re a registered trail bike rider then the crowds here especially on weekends can be daunting. It’s the type of place where MX riders go to hone their skills and we recommend you head into the forest instead if you have registration on your dirt bike.

17. Tangil State Forest

Tangil State Forest Melbourne

One of the best dirt bike riding spots is Tangil State Forest! You basically have the Finns Loop, Good Luck Look and East Tanjil Loop sections to ride a motorcycle. You’re actually allowed to camp here as well.

18. Bairnsdale

Bairnsdale really has something for everyone. If you want to get into top gear or simply get through some tight technical sections, it’s quite enjoyable for all riders. Group rides sometimes operate here.

19. Tarago State Forest

Because this is a state forest, you will need to be registered. Unregistered dirt bikes even ridden by children aren’t legally allowed to be ridden here. If you have the rego, then you’ll love all the hidden tracks and trails.

Tarago State Forest dirt bike riders Melbourne

20. Latrobe Trail Bike Area

Trail bikes often head to Latrobe State Forest on weekends which is east of Neerim South. There are only 2 main tracks – the Patrol Road loop and Latrobe River loop but you can also explore other dirt bike riding spots in the region within the same day. This makes for a great day trip from Melbourne.

21. Lerderderg State Park

Lerderderg State Park is certainly worth the mention and it’s one trail bike riding spot which isn’t as well known. Be warned though that police and local Parks Victoria rangers do patrol this area quite often on their DRZ-400Es.

Lerderderg State Park enduro circuit

22. Wombat State Forest

Daylesford residents often head into Wombat State Forest as their chosen trails with their dirt bikes. And you know what? There isn’t any reason that those from Melbourne can’t do the same.

23. Frankston City Motorcycle Park

Have we left the best until last? We think we have! Frankston City Motorcycle Park is quite impressive and welcomes people from all backgrounds. Yes, it’s more-so a MX track but it’s great for children learning to ride a dirt bike in a controlled environment.

Frankston City Motorcycle Park

There are 5 different tracks here which is quite impressive. Kids are more than welcome with a PeeWee track sectioned off just for them without the intimidation of bigger riders.

Melbourne riding spots explained

So there we have it! Just remember to do your research and check if the spot where you want to ride is still open, as some places do get closed without notice with Rangers/Police issuing fines.

Another word of caution: WEAR YOUR GEAR. Don’t think that just because you’re close to Melbourne that medical teams can get to you easily. Some of these spots are seriously rugged and tough to access. A helmet just isn’t enough.

We’re only speaking to a small minority nowadays which are commonly the disrespectful riders out for a weekend ride on the trails. They’re the type with the super loud exhaust bikes who get areas shut down because of their behaviour.

Trust us – a proper helmet, quality dirt/MX boots or adventure motorcycle boots, gloves, jersey, trousers and pads are needed at a minimum. We often see more and more trail and enduro riders opting to wear neck braces which we encourage.

In addition, it can get seriously hot in summer so pack a hydration pack full of water.

Need some more tips? We’ve written the ultimate dirt bike riding tips guide for beginners to help you become a better rider no matter where you are located.

Have we missed anything?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve come across an enduro, trail or motocross track near Melbourne that should be added to this list. Even if you’re an adventure bike rider, we’d still love to know where else to ride as would the offroad motorcycling community!

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