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7 Best New Jersey Dirt Bike Trails To Start Roosting (2023)

Those in Jersey City, Newark, Trenton and Atlantic City aren’t spoiled for choice given how few great dirt bike trails are nearby.

Many choose to haul out of state, but why not support the state’s economy by riding locally? After all, the State of New Jersey encourages dirt biking with several recreation areas set aside. These are either State Forests or private riding areas with many trails.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in New Jersey

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! After all, you’d rather be out there riding around and enjoying your precious spare time.

Life is just too short to sit behind the screen. We’d rather stick ourselves behind the handlebars and twist that throttle hard.

Better yet – rope some buddies into a weekend camping trip with beers, bikes and bruises. There aint any reason to do this alone.

The best dirt bike tracks to ride in New Jersey are:

1. New Jersey Field of Dreams Motorsports Park

This is the very best motocross park in all of New Jersey. It only opened to the public a few years ago and become very popular quite quickly. It isn’t just for MX riders as you can cruise along the enduro trails if closed-circuit runs arne’t your thing. For beginners just getting into the sport of dirt biking, there is a great beginners section to practice clutch and throttle control.

2. Ready to Ride Off Road Pals

We love the family-friendly dirt bike trails and Ready to Ride is perfect. This place is setaside for ATVs but dirt bikes are welcome here too. There is a beginners loop which you can cruise around on as many times as you want…until the fuel tank runs to zero that is!

3. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

As for getting kids into dirt bikes at an early age, you can’t go past Old Bridge Township. Their own little Raceway Park is excellent with a decent-sized natural terrain track for the adult riders. You can find accommodation options nearby if camping isn’t you thing.

4. Englishtown Raceway Park

For the motocross enthusiast, you’ll find the best thrills at Englishtown Raceway Park. They recently did a complete overhaul on this track so it’s up to national standards. While the drag racing has ended here, the dirt biking and show areas are still alive and thumping.

5. Ready to Ride Club New Jersey

Another great New Jersey dirt bike riding area for families is the Ready to Ride trail in Egg Harbor Township. Here is where you’ll find more than 30 acres of marked tracks for new and experienced riders. You’ll need to become a member to ride (available from 6 years and older) and all riders need to fill in waiver forms and bring their own dirt bikes to ride.

6. Wharton State Forest Dirt Bike Trails

Yes – you can certainly ride in the Wharton State Forest with your dirt bike as long as it’s registered and you as the rider carry a licence and insurance. Riding your MX dirt bike here will likely result in being arrested by the police department since most MX bikes are unregistered. This place is best for the dual-sport and adventure rider who loves the free flowing enduro trails. Stick to the 4×4 tracks and you’ll be fine.

7. Brendan T. Byrne State Forest

You can also ride motorcycles at Brendan T. Byrne State Forest but again, it does need to be road-legal. If you can ride it on from the bitumen, then you’re good to go. The tracks aren’t really that exciting as the best stuff is reserved for hikers and mountain bikers who frequent these woods.

Getting Started

As with any of these riding spots, you’ll need to be mindful to check before you visit there to avoid disappointment. They could be closed due to seasonal changes such as snow or fire dangers, or even rehabilitation of the local environment. Black bears are commonly found here too so be mindful.

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