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12 Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in Oklahoma (2023)

There are certainly some epic dirt bike trails worth exploring in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and Edmond. It’s time to twist that throttle once again!

Many people choose to live behind the screens these days. They watch others ride on YouTube dirt bike channels when they instead could be out there riding themselves. Life is too short to be behind the screens when we could instead be behind the handlebars.

Oklahoma’s Best Dirt Bike Riding Tracks

While not the most desierable place for the more affluent, they’re certainly missing out! Sipping coffees we’re sure! There are dirt bike tracks around the state that you’ve absolutely got to ride and explore.

In fact, the State of Oklahoma does encourage dirt bike riding. There are numerous OHV riding areas around that you’ll need to share with ATV’s and 4×4 enthusiasts, plus the occasional mountain bike rider. What’s great is that you can actually make a proper weekend of fun by bringing your camping gear and finding one of the numerous well marked camp sites.

These are the best trails to explore on a dirt bike in Oklahoma:

1. Appalachia Bay ORV Area

If there was an island reserved for 2 wheel enthusiasts, then this would be it! Well, it’s not truly an island but some do refer to Appalachia Bay as Motorcycle Island. This is because there is a Peninsula with a small strip that overflows with water after heavy rainfalls.

If you like beach riding, then this is an epic spot. Likewise you’ll find mud pits, bush riding and the occasional hill climb. Be warned, however, that this place gets super busy on weekends so get there early as possible such as sunrise.

2. Lake Murray State Park

Head out towards Ardmore in Oklahoma and you’ll come across the Lake Murray State Park. Not only can you ride here and explore the 10+ miles of dirt bike trails, but you can also camp here for much of the year. This spot overlooks a popular lake which is much needed after a heavy day of riding and sore bones! Bring the fishing rods as we hear they bite well!

3. Pine Mountain Trails Oklahoma

This place is huge! While not everyone is a fan of dirt bike resorts, this place does have something for everyone and people are spread out far enough. There are 1,700+ acres of trails and jumping areas worth developing your skills with. Beginners welcome, as are ATV’s and side-by-side vehicles.

4. White Water ORV Area

Another great offroad vehicle area to check out is White Water. This trail has been created by the Army Corps of Engineers and there are 80 acres in which you can let loose. It’s located near Keystone Dam and you can cool off in the Arkansas River after a hot day of riding is done.

5. Sundog Trails

This is a privately owned offroad park which overlooks the Canadian River. Again – a great spot to cool off from a day of riding your dirt bike. The terrain varies here with sandy areas, mud pits and some challenging hill climbs. Fancy a drag race with your buddies? You’ll find a special area reserved for this too.

6. Stillwater 500

Let’s say you’re a motocross enthusiast yet you enjoy your fairshare of enduro riding too. Where do you go? Two riding parks in one day? Well, not at Stillwater as they offer both styles of riding. Horrah! There are 33 miles of trails here and the spot is open for much of the year.

7. Scipio Recreational Trails

With a trail that’s almost 30 miles long, Scipio is worth it if you’re in the area already. We wouldn’t make a trip out here just for this spot as you’ll be done within the hour. More-so popular with dual-sport and adventure riders looking for an overnight camping spot in the woods.

8. Redneck Off-Road Heaven

Most off-road riding areas are closed after sunset. That is – they don’t actually allow night riding. Luckily, this place is as redneck as they come! You can continue your thrills and spills up to 9pm at night! Skip the camp fire and do some mud rescues while the mosquitos try to nab at your ankles. Sounds like fun…

9. Quartz Mountain State Resort Park

Bring the dirt bikes! Bring the boat! And yes, definitely bring the tent and bears! This place has several camp sites, boat ramps and is located right by a popular lake in Granite, OR. You’ll love the trails and trying to stay upright in the sand dunes.

10. Jandebeurs Motor Sports Park

With 6 motocross tracks on offer, you’ll love this spot! There are also four training tracks and two trail loops for those who love the enduro adventures. This place is open for much of the year with competitions often held here. You’ll need to head out to Okmulgee and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

11. Lake El Reno ATV Area

While it’s best for ATV’s, dirt bike riders can still go riding here. It’s right ont he shores of Lake Hudson and you’ll find mixed terrain including wooded trails, muddy bog holes and creek crossings. Try and avoid this place after heavy rain and the place also gets busy on weekends.

12. Crosstimbers ORV Park Oklahoma City

Frontaer has left the best until last! Crosstimbers ORV Park is where you’ll find more than 55 miles of clearly marked trails which are rated for difficulty. Beginners and more experienced riders will both enjoy this spot with sand and hard-packed clay making up much of the terrain.

The best part? You don’t need to travel far from the city. That’s right! Just 30 minutes from the CBD and you’ll find yourself a million miles away. This is a great place to ride without having to commit to much of a road trip. Even an after-work twist of the throttle can be had without having to wait for the perfect weekend.

Getting Started Today

We’ve covered some great spots! What about the areas where you are more restricted? The Ouachita National Forest is one of these but it’s open to dual-sport and adventure riders simply using the public gravel tracks to access the trailheads.

With many of these spots, you can certainly do a day trip. Leave before the sun rises and arrive home after dark. Likewise, get some buddies together and make a weekend camping adventure. Chatting about the day-time spills across the campfire sounds like the perfect getaway. Plus – it beats spending another minute binge-watching YouTube stunts.

Catch you out there!

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