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OutletMoto Europe: Are They Safe To Buy From?

Outletmoto is one of Europe’s biggest motorcycle gear stores which operates online. Most of us have never heard of them.

It’s for that reason that Frontaer felt it was fair to do an unbiased review. We aren’t paid to express our opinions or experiences online, so this is very much as raw as it gets.

Let’s begin.

OutletMoto Review

When checking out any motorcycle distributor, we like to do our research just like you. This is why it’s great that you landed here. It really does pay to check out online reviews before making a purchase.

There are several factors worth checking because it isn’t just about what others are saying online. We need to know whose behind the operation. After all, some of these big stores are just dropshipping operations out of China.

Company History

When looking at the company history information, it’s clear that they have been around for quite a number of years. In fact, they have a physical address in Firenze, Florence, Italy.

With 10+ years of operation, they have more than 15,000 items in stock. They serve both the offroad and on-road motorcyclists which is refreshing and they sometimes have gear that other stores don’t. If you’re after some more specialised riding apparel, then you’re likely to find it here.

What’s most important is that their staff actually ride motorcycles themselves. Therefore, if you’re looking for a particular bit of gear, then it’s likely they have it in stock.

Social Media

It’s very important today that motorcycle stores are on social media, otherwise, they are dead in the water. They need to be where their customers are right now. This also adds in a huge trust factor and increases the chance that a customer will later place an order.

Fortunately, the social media content with Outlet Moto is rich and strong. You’ll find them regularly posting on their Facebook and YouTube profiles, though with some English subtitles. After all, they are an Italian-based company serving Europe and the rest of the world.

Negative Reviews of OutletMoto

Have you read some of those nasty reviews online regarding customer experiences with OutletMoto? It means you not want to buy from them and spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere.

However, their reviews can be out of proportion. This is because people are more likely to complain online if they had shipping delays or gear that showed that it was in-stock when it was really out of stock.

To say it another way – most people, if they do have a positive review, aren’t going to share it online. It just doesn’t happen as they’re too busy out there riding.

In Summary

OutletMoto is a legitimate store that has been in operation since early last decade. Given their footprint in the world of motorcycles, we don’t see them going away anytime soon.

Most riders in Italy have heard of them, but understandily, most of Europe hasn’t. Nor have those who reside out of Europe. Either way – they do have their processes and knowledge downpat.

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