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Yamaha World Adelaide Review: Are They Any Good?

Yamaha World Adelaide is a well-known motorcycle and jet ski dealership located in Melrose Park, but do they live up to customer expectations?

We have created an unbiased review based on our opinions and research. Essentially there is no commercial business relationship between ourselves and Yamaha World in Adelaide.

We’re just like you and enjoy the world on 2-wheels! Looking for places to ride offroad? We’ve got you covered:

Yamaha World Adelaide review

We’ve been through quite a number of Adelaide-based dealerships over the years so we know a thing or two about what to look for. As a brand, our expectations are pretty damn high.

Yamaha World Adelaide inside the dealership

Some of these dealerships leave a lot to be desired. Others provide an outstanding experience and you look forward to going back for more.

So then how does Yamaha World in Melrose Park fare? Given the limited options in South Australia for a Yamaha dealership, then are easily the biggest in town and only 15 to 20 minutes south of the CBD.

In addition to selling new and used Yamaha motorcycles and wave runners (we really call them jet skis, don’t we?), you’ll find plenty of parts and apparel inside.

Customer experiences

When we look at how well a dealership performs, it always comes down to their online reputation. Some places don’t care about what others are saying while others do and place a strong emphasis about the entire customer experience.

Essentially, the best dealerships will bend over backwards to win a customer over for the long term.

Yamaha World Adelaide outside the dealership

Indeed that appears the case with Yamaha World as their online reviews are staggeringly high. But then again not everyone is happy. Why?

Well, the most common complaints stem towards not having all the parts in stock as well as the dealership is a little loud (they’re on South Rd after all…) as well as busyness on weekends. We recommend going in on a Tuesday when it’s pretty quiet in there, especially in the morning.

What they have

You’ll find the dealership to be pretty well full of dirt bikes, road bikes and jet skis. But if you look further afield you’ll also find the popular Yamaha merchandise.

Parts and accessories

Let’s not forget the genuine Yamaha parts and servicing on offer. Their mechanics are pretty knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction. If you urgently need a part from Sydney then they can order and have it flown over pretty quickly. That’s the power of a national chain of stores instead of an independent dealer.

What they really have is strong customer service as you’d expect from the Yamaha brand. Everyone is passionate and most of their staff ride very regularly.

There is also lots of parking and if you need to bring a trailer to pick up an unregistered MX bike then that’s pretty straight forward. Plenty of room there!

Their history

These guys have been in the same spot for years and years now. They have built a strong following of people who keep going back again and again because it’s so easy to find.

They are certainly one of Adelaide’s biggest and best dirt bike stores while also serving bitumen warriors and jet ski enthusiasts.

In recent years they have moved towards the online space with their Facebook and Instagram accounts starting to get some good content. Still, you can’t really order much from their online store and so you’re better off calling up if you’re chasing a particular part.

Final verdict on Yamaha World

If you’re in Adelaide and you love the Yamaha brand as much as we do, it’s hard to go past this dealer. They’re doing great today just as they did yesterday and will do tomorrow.

Are they any good? Yes. Are they perfect? No. We’re all human and have our off-days. And not all customers can be impressed either with their refund requests and therefore you’ll find those 1-star reviews rising on occasions.

What you will find there is expertise and a friendly team who knows their craft and that to us is essentially more than enough. The only other good alternative in town is Peter Stevens which is worth calling up for a price-match.

Either way – get that throttle twisted and we’ll see you out there on the trails!

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