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5 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Syracuse, New York State (2023)

Syracuse is spoiled for choice when it comes to dirt bike trails, as locals don’t need to travel that far to find some great areas.

So get some riding buddies together and start exploring the outdoors! There is just so much epic spots worth seeing.

Best Syracuse Dirt Bike Trails

Frontaer has stepped in to do the research for you. Even if you’re not into MX riding and would prefer enduro trails for a day ride or an overnight trip from out of state, we’ve got you covered! This region is becoming so much more popular with adventure riders now.

Here are Syracuse’s best dirt bike riding trails:

1. MotoMasters Park

If you want a great sand motocross track, then MotoMasters is the place for you. It’s north of Syracuse past Oneida Lake and not too far from Maple View. They run regular racing here which is always a hit with the kids. Dirt bikes are welcome including ATV’s but no pit bikes.

2. Broome-Tioga MX Track

Fancy heading south? Then Broome-Tioga MX Track has two well groomed tracks open for the general public. One is a traditional motocross track which is used for races and the other is for grass racing and enduro.

3. Frozen Ocean Motocross

If you’re getting your kids into dirt bike racing, then the PeeWee track at Frozen Ocean is excellent. Adults will keep themselves happy with the motocross and supercross tracks which consist of several hills, jumps and a rich loam soil surface. This is a true motocross tracks at national standards.

4. Undilla MX Track Syracuse

While not the best, Unadilla is worth a visit once you get bored of the top 3 here. It’s just a 1-mile motocross track surrounded by lush greenery. It’s located down near New Berlin and you’ll head south-east from town.

5. High Voltage Hills

We’ve left the best until last! High Voltage Hills is pretty epic and people come from all over New York State to visit this spot. It only has a single MX track but the soil is sandy and has a soft feel with natural jumps that flow from section to section.

Starting Up Now

It’s time to throw that dirt bike of yours into gear and get going! There is no registration needed for any of these riding spots. You see – there are two types of dirt bike riders:

A) Those that own a shiny dirt bike and never actually ride it, and;

B) Those that own a dirt bike and ride it hard the way it’s meant to be.

We prefer the latter category. Society has become too soft. If you’re genuinely serious about riding your dirt bike around the city then there isn’t any reason why you can’t get out there!

You can’t ride dirt bikes in Lesser Wilderness State Forest, Chittenango Falls State Park or Morgan Hill State Forest, but this hopefully will change soon. State Forest riding is the best experience and you may have to haul south for now and make a week-long camping trip happen!

Some adventure riders choose these national forests and do some camping along the way. A great alternative that still lets you into these spots as long as you stick to formed access roads.

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