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12 Best Virginia Dirt Bike Riding Trails You Must Ride (2023)

Virginia is blessed to have some incredible dirt bike riding tracks to explore, with some being close to Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

So round up some buddies and head out on a weekend adventure. What most people do is leave Friday afternoon and return late on Sunday to avoid the traffic.

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Virginia

Not to be confused with West Virginia which we’ve created a seperate guide for, central Virginia has some great spots. These are ideal for both beginners and experienced riders of dirt bikes and dual-sport machines.

For registered OHV trails, you’ll need to get a permit here. Those out of state are also welcome to apply and you can do this online.

The best dirt bike tracks in Virginia are:

1. Ridgeview Trail System

With 75 miles of epic single and double track to explore, Ridgeview Trail System is popular with dirt bike riders around Virginia. This is one of the better loops and you’ll need to get this permit before entering. It’s not free but certainly worth it as this keeps the place maintained.

2. Coal Canyon

Coal Canyon is excellent with many trails which loop together and they’re rated as relatively easy. The terrain is hard packed and it isn’t really that mountainous. For overnight stays, we recommend Southern Gap Outdoor Adventures where you can get a permit for day riding. Coal Canyon ties into Ridgeview Trails above.

3. Big Boys Playground

For private property riding, head to Big Boys Playground. This place is very popular and offers well maintained tracks for 4×4’s and dirt bikes. There is even a motocross track! Big Boys is very popular on weekends so we recommend calling up ahead of time.

4. Moto Cove

Moto Cove is well known as one of the best off-road parks in all of Virginia for exploring through the forests. There are 4 trail loops and these are rated as intermediate and advanced, so not the best for the beginner. There is a full service campground with showers and a beach where you can swim.

5. Virginia Highlands Horse Trail

Virginia Highlands is one that you can do in a day if you get there early, though most people stay overnight in one of the surrounding campgrounds. This is within Jefferson National Forest and Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. It’s a seasonal trail (not open in summer to dirt bikes because it’s used by horses) which is reasonably easy to get through.

6. Elkhorn Lake and Campground

Elkhorn only has about 30 miles of enduro trails but it makes up for this with the boating and fishing opportunities. It’s certainly a popular spot so you’ll never get bored nor will you feel alone here. Some people even get a yearly membership! Many dirt bike riders of Virginia know about this one and it’s great for the first-time rider to get some experience in.

7. Charles City Dirt Riders

If you don’t want to drive too far, then become a member at Charles City Dirt Riders MX Club. There are 6 tracks as well as 6 miles of wooded tracks. You’ll need a membership to ride here and they offer coaching sessions which can make you a more confident rider. Kids are welcome here as are adults who are learning to ride.

8. Kairos Resort

Kairos Resort is perfect for camping on Friday and Saturday night. In addition to the resort, you’ll need a day pass to ride the tracks and you can buy ahead of time. Out of all the spots in the Appalachian Mountains to ride dirt bikes, Kairos Resort has one of the best. So much wilderness to take in so it’s definitely worth the trip here, even if you’re from out of state.

9. Slades Park

Slades Park has terrain for everyone and ideal for beginners. The sandy sections are great for developing sand riding skills without the full commitment of the sand dunes, while the wooded forest tracks are perfect for exploring. You can camp here and the place is open year-round.

10. Catfish ATV Trails

Catfish trails is for 4-wheelers but you can take your dirt bikes along here. Not only can you bring your bike but also drop a line in the pond as there is plenty of fish here. Camping is provided though there aren’t any genuine facilities. Great for a weekend though it can get busy so book ahead.

11. Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is great for a day-trip and it’s at Pennington Gap, VA. This trail system only opened a few years ago and includes Spearhead Trails with the area being rugged and somewhat steep, so not one that we can recommend to beginners. Consider Ridgeview, Coal Canyon or Mountain View as an alternative. Pennington Gap has camping facilities though most dirt bike riders choose Leemon Field RV Park to stay overnight as it’s the closest to the trailhead.

12. South Pedlar Dirt Bike Trails

South Pedlar is another good spot for a day-trip for a few hours. Past this, there isn’t much and most riders don’t return a second time. It’s mostly forest track and uniquely, you need this recreation permit which needs to be done before you visit since they don’t do permits on the spot.

Get Started

There we go! Some great tracks that you need to get out and explore as soon as you can. Don’t waste another minute watching cool MX tricks on YouTube and instead be the dude out there behind the handlebars actually having fun. That’s where true livin’ is done!

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