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15 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Utah You Should Be Riding (2023)

Many other states envy Utah for the extensive network of MX tracks and dirt bike riding trails which go on for miles and miles.

Whether you like the closed-circuit stuff or open enduro sections, you’ll be more than served well with these options. We’ve done the searching for you which allows you to have more time out there twisting the throttle.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Utah

Some riders buy a dirt bike so it looks shiny in the garage. The more sane among us buy one to be ridden and get scratched through the occasional crash. We hope you’re in the later category.

Life is just too short to mess around and watch yet another dirt bike rider ripping it up on YouTube. To get professional like them takes hours and hours of practice, so get out there and find a spot!

Here are Utah’s best dirt bike tracks worth exploring:

1. Hook and Ladder OHV Trails

With more than 40 miles of marked and rated dirt bike trails at your disposal, you’ll be more than satisfied here. It’s out at La Sal in Utah with dry conditions which are open year-round. Aim for Spring or Fall as winter is too cold and summer is well….absolutely hot!

2. Yellowstone ATV Trail

Here is where you’ll find two very long trail loops which interconnect. They are well marked for grades and maintained during the year. This is within Ashley National Forest and you’ll find spots to camp and launch a boat at Moon Lake. Maybe not swim though as the water can be very very cold.

3. Ticaboo Trails Utah

Stay at Ticaboo Resort where you’ll get immediate access to hundreds of awesome trails to explore. You’ll probably need to stay 2 nights to see them all! And once you do, hire a boat or kayak to see the region by floating along. RV’s welcome here with a restaurant on site and cabins for those who prefer glamping.

4. Throttle 215 MX Park

Yes motocross riders, we haven’t forgotten you! MX tracks are plentiful across Utah with our favorite going towards Throttle 215 MX Park. With both a main track for the parents and a PeeWee track for the kids, the whole family will be well served. The track is very well maintained by the operators with the occasional competition being held here.

5. Casto Canyon Trail

There is plenty to discover at the Casto Canyon Trail. People haul their dirt bikes from all over Utah to check this one out given how epic the scenery is with plenty of red hoodoos and cliffs everywhere. You can’t camp here though there is a campsite a few miles down the road.

6. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

For those that love the super soft sand dunes, then this is for you. Full throttle and lean it back! When you’ve had enough of sand riding, whip out the sand board and ride your way down these dunes. You can ride at nighttime as well as camp here in one of the few camp sites, though facilities are almost non-existent.

7. Doc’s Beach

If you like the sandy stuff but don’t want to chase the big dunes at Coral Pink, then you’ll love Doc’s Beach which is popular with Utah residents as well as those out of state. There isn’t much else but sand, sand and more sand! You can camp here though the facilities are limited.

8. Dome Plateau Utah

When you’re done with the sandy tracks, then get along to Dome Plateau. This is more hard-packed with rocky outcrop sections and some soft stuff too, but nothing like a sandy beach. The views here are pretty epic and you’ll come across some large caves and old mining sites on your journey. Head to Dewey Bridge where you’ll find a small campground which operates on a first come, first served basis.

9. Knolls OHV Area

For the biggest dirt bike riding precinct in the state, it’s Knolls OHV Area that you’ll want to head to. Here is where you’ll get yourself into 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, trails and everything in between. It’s out at West Wendover and near the famous Bonneville Salt Flats and while it’s remote, it’s also popuar on weekends so don’t be surprised if you see others.

10. Mineral Fork Trail

Those living in Salt Lake City would’ve heard of this dirt bike track. It’s not much in length but makes for an easy trip from the city paired with some green lush vegetation as a good alternative to the desert landscape. This is within the Uinta National Forest with some single track available.

11. Paiute ATV Trail System

We’ve left one of the best spots until last! Imagine more than 2,000 interconnecting ATV Trails and you’ve got hte Paiute ATV Trail System. Some riders go for 20 or 30 trips here and still haven’t been on all the tracks yet! So much to explore and so little time, but one thing is for sure – you’ll never get sick of this.

12. Richard’s Hollow

Head up to the North-Eastern side of the state and you’ll find some great single track for your dirt bike. The Friendship and Spring Campgrounds provide direct track access which the Lodge Campground gives access to the nearby Steel Hollow Trail which is equally as good, if not better.

13. River House Ruins

Ever wanted to ride in the dry river bed? Well now you can! Through the River House Ruins, you simply follow the San Juan River. There is an old abandoned ranch here which gives a biit of a creepy vibe to the whole place. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re being watched. No coincidence that we’ve put this as #13 on the list, right?!

14. Strawberry OHV Trail System

Less creep than River House Ruins? Check. Plenty of trails? Check. Camping? Check. Boat ramps and fishing? Check. At Strawberry OHV Trail System, you’ve got plenty to explore which makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

15. Sand Flats Recreation Area

Leaving of the best until last is the Sand Flats Recreation Area. This place is almost world famous and offers riders and explorers a lot of places to discover. Not only is the riding great here but so is the camping with 120 camp sites available across 2 seperate camp grounds. If you need to wash off all that smell then head along to the Mill Creek Canyon swimming hole.

Getting Started

There you have it! And you know what? There are numerous dirt bike tracks in Utah that we’ve missed. Those living in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo and West Jordan will find some trails within miles of their CBD. How? Simply ask the local Facebook groups of keen riders who love to twist that throttle hard.

With so much to explore, it’s time to get out there! Rain, hail or snow.

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