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10 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Wisconsin Worth Exploring (2023)

Heading out with your dirt bike and exploring the epic trails found near Milwaukee, Kenosha and Madison is fun!

Whether you like the challenging bog holes and hill climbs, or the more tame open country with some tight technical sections thrown in for good measure, you’ll certainly find some great spots around. Some are free and with others, you need to pay a nominal fee to enter.

No more binge-watching yet another YouTuber who’s out there exploring. It’s time to get yourself behind those handlebars and twist that throttle once again!

Wisconsin’s Best Dirt Bike Tracks

Frontaer saves you a ton of research. When we started our dirt bike journey, it was hard to know where to actually go riding. Some sites were inaccurate and others required us to pay them a yearly fee to access all the spots. That didn’t feel right to us.

That’s why we’re here to help riders of all types. Whether you just got started yesterday or you’ve been riding for a while, allow our guide to help you find some great riding areas. We’ve figured out the best from the rest.

These essentially are Wisconsin’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Arkansaw Cycle Park

More-so popular with MX riders and professional competitors, the Arkansaw Cycle Park is an excellent choice if you want a well groomed train. There is an 8-mile enduro course if closed-circuit racing isn’t your thing, as well as a spot for kids with the PeeWee course. Various AMA events are held here and it’s best to call ahead before hauling your bike and gear.

2. Dyracuse Mound Motorcycle Recreation Area

Fancy 500+ acres of open area with clearly marked trails? Then you’ll love this spot. There is a supercross, motocross and PeeWee track too which keeps the kids happy. If that isn’t enough, get yourself into the mud bog hole and have fun winching yourself out!

3. Cedar Lake Arena

Love riding year-round but can’t handle the snow? Then Cedar Lake is actually an indoor motocross facility that’s open to dirt bikes. It’s in New Richmond, WI and it’s open almost everyday, though it’s best to call before heading in for a session.

4. Denmark Cycle Park

For a few days every week, the Denmark Cycle Park is open to enthusiasts behind the handlebars. Both ATV’s and dirt bikes are welcome here. Again, it’s best to call as they run some scheduled races on weekends.

5. Flambeau Trail System Wisconsin

Over in Fifield, you’ll find the Flambeau National Forest which has 70+ miles of trails which were previously logging roads and today make for a great adventure. The scenery is captivating which makes it ideal for dual-sport adventuring in the woods and a spot of stealth camping.

6. Harrison Hills Trail System

This place is massive and we recommend that you bring a reliable GPS to get around the Harrison Hills area. It’s surrounded by lush hardwood forest and the trails are very wide. These do connect to the Oneida Country trail system and there are 6 staging areas to choose from.

7. Motozone Wisconsin

Motozone is rated quite highly with many riders giving positive reviews. This is because they are fully setup to cater for riders with shower facilities on site plus a spot to wash down your dirt bike and even a dump spot for RVs. As for the riding, you’ll find dozens of tracks around.

8. Parrish Highlands ATV Trail System

Head into Northern Wisconsin and you’ll find the Parrish Highlands which is connected with the Harrison Hills Trail System. Dirt bikes are welcome and the terrain is quite hilly with trails surrounded by hardwood forests. This spot remains open late in the season.

9. Bentley Hills ATV Trail System

This riding spot is worth mentioning. Bentley Hills may be opened to dirt bike riders once again! Yet if you have an ATV bike then you can certainly explore this area openly. This place makes for a great spot to go camping.

10. Tri-County Trails

We’ve left one of the best until last! There aren’t that many spots which are open all year-round in Wisconsin for dirt bike riders, but luckily this one is. It’s a multi-use trail system over in Monroe consistenting of flat and hilly terrain which is hard-packed gravel for the most part. You’ll need to get a Cheese County Trail Sticker even if your motorcycle is registered. Best part? Campgrounds and restaurants can be access directly from the trail, making this spot ideal for adventure riders.

Exploring the Trails

There aint no more time to waste! You’ve got to get out there and explore the trails that the State has created, or have been setup by local enthusiasts. Better yet – rope some buddies together for a weekend of fun with a case of beer for good measure. There’s nothing better than stories around the campfire recalling the fun of the day.

Living life behind the handlebars certainly beats seeing it behind a screen. It’s time to get out there and start exploring!

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