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4 Dirt Bike Trails and MX Circuits in Vermont (2023)

Vermont and its dirt bike community remain small, but there is a growing presence of trails near Burlington and Essex worth exploring.

There are places where it’s been kept a secret for such a long time. After all, they probably didn’t want others knowing about these trails and having them become crowded. Luckily, Frontaer has done the research to show you some great spots to take your dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Trails in Vermont

These spots we’ve vetted for their quality and openness towards allowing dirt bikes to explore. We’ve also included some MX parks and clubs worth considering. If you’re into dual-sport and adventure riding, then there are plenty of gravel roads around.

In all honesty, most riders head out of state to find some better places in which to ride. Oregon and Upstate New York offer some great places in which to explore if you’re prepared to go on a long road trip with the bikes in tow. Yet if you’re not that keen just yet, we’ve got some options for you.

Here are several dirt bike trails in Vermont worth considering:

1. Vermont Motocross Track

This is a mile-long track for motocross bikes but those in the enduro fraternity are more than welcome. It’s opened for much of the year and they run the occasional competition here too. It’s looked after by the Vermont Motocross Association which is small yet growing.

2. Paradox MX Track

Another spot worth considering is Paradox. They run a lot of races and coach adults and kids to get better with cornering and throttle control. Keep an eye on their Facebook page which is updated regularly.


While it’s across the border in NY State, ADK MX is worth the quite trip over because this place is well maintained. The track is groomed daily and they run frequent practice sessions and racing events. This area gets busy on weekends yet closes during rain events to preserve the track.

4. Menond’s MX & Offroad Park

Right – we have some genuine trails here instead of just an MX track. And if you’re into motocross, you’ll be well served anyway with this excellent track. Yes, it’s not technically in the State of Vermont but worth the trip as you can get there within an hour.

Getting Started On The Dirt

Unfortunately, there aren’t any state forests in Vermont that allow dirt bikes. Given how small the state is, it’s obvious to see why. Some people even cross up into Canada and find some riding areas to take their dirt bikes.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve just bought a dirt bike yet have no where to ride it. You’ve just got to load up the trailer, some camping gear and head out of state for a few hours west and you’ll come across the mecca of dirt biking areas.

What you’ll want to do is get some buddies together for an epic trip. Failing this, get yourself inside the Vermont dirt bike rider’s group on Facebook. There are always people looking for others to join them on multi-day trips through the national forests and dirt bike parks.

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