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5 Best North Carolina Dirt Bike Trails To Ride Now (2023)

North Carolina is spoilt! Those living in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, Wilmington and Greensboro have a few great dirt bike riding tracks.

These are places where you can bring both registered adventure/dual-sport enduro motorcycles as well as unregistered MX bikes. If you’re just looking for some fun this weekend, then this list is for you.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in North Carolina

We’ve done our research and talked to the locals! We looked inside of a few popular dirt bike groups on Facebook so you don’t need to do the hunting around.

After all, there is certainly a decent-sized community of riders around. These are those who really enjoy living life behind the handlebars instead of behind the cell phone screen.

Thus, if you’re new to riding dirt bikes, then you’ll find some friends pretty easily. Simply jump into one of those groups and you’ll be taking along for group rides pretty easily to some of the popular trails.

Which trails are those? Well, it’s all here.

These are the most popular dirt bike tracks in North Carolina:

1. Brown Mountain ATV Trails

Head over to the Pisgah National Forest and you’ll find some epic tracks which you can access for free. That said – you need to be registered and ATV riding is banned at Brown Mountain for the last 10 years. State Troopers do monitor these forest tracks often for illegal activity.

2. Wayehutta ATV Trail System

There are almost 30 miles of epic tracks in the Nantahala National Forest which is known as the Wayehutta ATV Trail System. Dirt bike riders can use these tracks too as can mountain bikers and hikers. Keep in mind that some hunters use these areas. It’s relatively easy to navigate here so families will enjoy this spot.

3. Badin Lake

Very popular with many offroad enthusiasts is the Badin Lake area. Bring your dirt bike and you’ll find miles and miles of riding trails which are open. This is in Uwharrie National Forest and it’s an epic place to go riding and camping too! Across the waterway is Morrow Mountain State Park which is worthy of an adventure too!

4. Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park

Yes, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee here but it’s absolutely worth it! Especially if you’ve got kids that ride dirt bikes because it’s a family-friendly place with one-way tracks and directional arrows. Together you can learn to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

The reviews for Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park are very high. Why? There’s just so many great tracks to ride down whether you like closed-circuit MX tracks or open enduro trails. In addition to riding, you can go camping here on site for just $5 per rider. Neat!

5. Outback ATV Park

We’ve left one of the best until last! Yep, the Outback ATV Park is a great spot to go riding for families. Bring your ATV, quad bike, side-by-side or dirt bike and have some serious fun. Some people even bring their adventure motorcycles to develop their offroad skills.

This place welcomes everyone and the motocross riders. This is why the reviews are equally as high as Brushy Mountain. They run events here and camping is very much open for much of th eyear, including most of winter.

Getting Started

There is no excuse now! Get out there with a bunch of friends and explore these really good places. You can also check out Busco Beach, the Carolina Backwoods, or the Black Swamp OHV Area. We’ve heard great things about these spots!

Don’t skimp on your safety gear. And given you’re going to need to throw the bike into the trailer, you’ll need to be driving a decent way. Pack the trailer and make a weekend out of it!

These are some epic places in North Carolina to ride your ADV dual-sport motorbike!

Have fun out there! If we have missed any great spots, then reach out to us here at the Frontaer team.

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