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Xtreme Powersports Australia: Are They Any Good?

Xtreme Powersports Australia is a motorcycle parts store based in Mount Gambier who has both an online and offline presence, but are they worth it?

We decided to do a bit of research as we didn’t see too many customer reviews or experiences out there on the internet. We’re coming to you with an unbiased opinion and have no business relationship with Xtreme Powersports Australia.

Let’s jump straight in

Xtreme Powersports Australia

Based at 68 Stuart St, Mount Gambier in South Australia, these guys don’t really sell dirt bikes. Instead they mainly focus on parts.

We previously reviewed Blue City Motorcycles who can serve you very well if you’re in town. What they lack is the depth of parts available unfortunately with stuff often needing to be carted in from Adelaide or the eastern states.

So Xtreme Powersports Australia sells not just parts but a whole heap of other gear too. If you’re looking for riding gear, jet ski parts or simply batteries then you’ll be certainly looked after here.

Do they have everything? No, but no store has. We have covered the biggest Australian dirt bike part stores previously but often it’s a case of shopping around on Google for parts.

Store review

Just remember that we’re very much unbiased here and are simply sharing our opinion. We don’t get paid to do store reviews.

Most people who have used Xtreme Powersports Australia have enjoyed the experience. Complaints are rarely found but remember that some people do make mistakes along the way – it’s just human error.

Things like making customers wait is something they could improve on. With any store, they always have room for improvement here folks.

You’ll find their eBay store to be going quite strong and it’s where most of their sales come from for both ATVs and dirt bike parts.

When they started

We believe the history behind a company is important. When did they start and why? Are they truly knowledable about what they sell?

These guys started over 10 years ago and have since built quite a following. Their friendly staff have a motorcross and supercross background across both the South Australian and national levels.

Going forward it seems they continue to grow year on year.

Social media following

It’s really hard to find much about these guys on social media. They don’t have a YouTube or Instagram page which is where most dirt bike riders hang out nowadays when they aren’t twisting full-throttle.

You’ll find their Facebook page here which doesn’t have much traction with the occasional post. This means they’re either out riding all day every day or busy fulfilling online orders or just simply serving customers in-store.

Is it a red flag? Not really. We’ve found dirt bike stores in country areas typically aren’t up to speed on consumer trends and rely on existing relationships built over years.

Final verdict on Xtreme Powersports Australia

So would we recommend them? They started in 2008 and their Facebook page started in 2014. When you look at their eBay store there is 30,000 feedback suggesting strong reviews at 99.7% rating.

They stock just about everything under the sun for jet skis, ATVs and dirt bikes. Shipping can be a little slow if you live in the eastern states, but worht the wait considering how much you can save compared to the big guys in town like MX Store.

It’s clear that these guys mean business and if they have what you need – We’d say go for it!

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