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4 Dirt Bike Trails and MX Circuits in Vermont (2023)

Vermont and its dirt bike community remain small, but there is a growing presence of trails near Burlington and Essex worth exploring.

There are places where it’s been kept a secret for such a long time. After all, they probably didn’t want others knowing about these trails and having them become crowded. Luckily, Frontaer has done the research to show you some great spots to take your dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Trails in Vermont

These spots we’ve vetted for their quality and openness towards allowing dirt bikes to explore. We’ve also included some MX parks and clubs worth considering. If you’re into dual-sport and adventure riding, then there are plenty of gravel roads around.

In all honesty, most riders head out of state to find some better places in which to ride. Oregon and Upstate New York offer some great places in which to explore if you’re prepared to go on a long road trip with the bikes in tow. Yet if you’re not that keen just yet, we’ve got some options for you.

Here are several dirt bike trails in Vermont worth considering:

1. Vermont Motocross Track

This is a mile-long track for motocross bikes but those in the enduro fraternity are more than welcome. It’s opened for much of the year and they run the occasional competition here too. It’s looked after by the Vermont Motocross Association which is small yet growing.

2. Paradox MX Track

Another spot worth considering is Paradox. They run a lot of races and coach adults and kids to get better with cornering and throttle control. Keep an eye on their Facebook page which is updated regularly.


While it’s across the border in NY State, ADK MX is worth the quite trip over because this place is well maintained. The track is groomed daily and they run frequent practice sessions and racing events. This area gets busy on weekends yet closes during rain events to preserve the track.

4. Menond’s MX & Offroad Park

Right – we have some genuine trails here instead of just an MX track. And if you’re into motocross, you’ll be well served anyway with this excellent track. Yes, it’s not technically in the State of Vermont but worth the trip as you can get there within an hour.

Getting Started On The Dirt

Unfortunately, there aren’t any state forests in Vermont that allow dirt bikes. Given how small the state is, it’s obvious to see why. Some people even cross up into Canada and find some riding areas to take their dirt bikes.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve just bought a dirt bike yet have no where to ride it. You’ve just got to load up the trailer, some camping gear and head out of state for a few hours west and you’ll come across the mecca of dirt biking areas.

What you’ll want to do is get some buddies together for an epic trip. Failing this, get yourself inside the Vermont dirt bike rider’s group on Facebook. There are always people looking for others to join them on multi-day trips through the national forests and dirt bike parks.

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15 of Arizona’s Best Dirt Bike Trails (2023)

Ready to head out there on your dirt bike and explore the many miles of tracks in Arizona? A few are near Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and Chandler.

These are riding areas that we’ve curated for the Frontaer community. Instead of building a guide of MX clubs and closed-circuit racing, we wanted to show you were recreational riders and enduro enthusiasts were spending their weekends.

Best Dirt Bike Trails Arizona

The State of Arizona encourages dirt bike riding and they have many spots open to us 4-stroke warriors. It’s us that actually go and explore the region instead of turning on another episode on Netflix.

It’s fortunate that the state allows us to go riding here. Better yet – most of them allow camping and we recommend staying the night since most of these tracks aren’t really suited towards day-tripping. Just remember that you’ll need an Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle decal to keep the state tropper off your back.

Remember – it gets hot out there in summer! Seriously hot! You’ll feel it even more if you’re from out of state, so bring plenty of water and an emergency device.

Here are Arizona’s best dirt bike tracks:

1. Florence Coke Ovens

Florence Coke Ovens is the most popular riding area in Arizona and is popular with dirt bike riders across the state. The area is famous for Box Canyon and be wary of flash flooding that can happen throughout the year, especially after heavy rainfall sometimes 20 miles from the actual area. You won’t be disappointed here.

2. Cinder Hills OHV Area

Cinder HIlls might be a short route but an epic place to let loose with your throttle. You’ll be riding through some deep volcanic craters and through scenic pine plantations. It feels a little like riding on the sand as you head along tiny lava pebbles which can really wear out your rear tire, so bring a spare if you’re down quite a bit. Aim for Bonito Campground to stay overnight.

3. Table Mesa Recreation Area

We love Table Mesa becuase it’s open desert and you can really let youself go wild! Our recommendation is the Little Pan Staging Area which doubles as a free campground with a toilet (though no showers or water). This spot is popular on weekends so rock up early on Friday afternoon to get a good spot to stay overnight.

4. Arizona Cycle Park

Arizona Park is a motocross and supercross arena that is also welcoming of pit bikes. THere are four tracks and a spot for kids to hone in on their skills. Regular competitions are held here and some seriously good racing that’s worth watching if you don’t feel like heading out on one of Arizona’s dirt bike trails this weekend.

5. Boulders OHV Area

Many people like Boulders because it’s more scenic and ideal for the solo rider with its easy to moderate trails on offer. Heaps of camping spots around sand some ADV riders go stealth camping here, so don’t be surprised to see a random tent off the side of the trail during the late afternoon.

6. Crown King

Crown King is well known for 4×4 enthusiasts but dirt bike riders love this spot too. The terrain is more rugged but there is some sandy sections too and you’ll be rewarded with excellent views of the Bradshaw Mountains. Crown King is within Prescott National Forest, though the ‘forest’ part is questionable.

7. Fort Valley Trail System

Fort Valley Trail System is near Flagstaff and is within Coconino National Forest. This spot is smaller and we recommend White Hills (below) but you may as well do both on the same day. About 20-miles of single track waiting for you.

8. Thin Air Offroad Park

Thin Air is good if you’re looking for a motocross track which is more open. They run the occasional enduro race here which is a longer form of motocross with many thrills and spills. It gets real boggy here after rain so be mindful!

9. Hot Well Dunes

Prefer the sand dunes? Then you’ll love it here! THe surface isn’t as deep or ‘sandy’ as your typical saharian dune system but certainly you’ll need some throttle but no paddle rear tire is needed. If you are crossing over the dune systems then a spotter would be ideal especially on weekends as the area is popular with 4×4’s. You can camp here overnight and take a bath in the hotsprings.

10. White Hills Trails

You can certainly go dirt bike riding in the Coconino National Forest and our pick is the WHite Hills Trails. It only recently opened a couple of years ago and there are plenty of easy and more challenging trails in which you can explore on 2-wheels. No camping unfortunately but you can find a few nearby towns with motels.

11. Desert Wells Multi-Use Area

FOr the person learning to ride a dirt bike, Desert Wells offers the best for learnrs in all of Arizona. IF you do crash, the sand will absorb your fall but it’s not that deep that you need to lean back and go hard. The best part? You can camp anywhere!

12. Redington Pass

Not many people know of Redington Pass but it certainly has some great trails which are well marked. This spot is looked after by the Tucson Rough Riders and is popular with dual-sport adventurers looking to camp away from prying eyes for the night. Aim for Tanque Verde Creek if you’re looking for an area to wash off the dust and dirt…or those arm pits.

13. Standard Wash (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

While it has a strange name, the area is free to ride in as well as stay overnight too. You can even bring your big toy hauler here or boat to drop into the lake. For those living in Lake Havasu City, Standard Wash isn’t too far out of town and the perfect day trip. Just ride your bike in and start exploring the trails.

14. Sheridan Mountain Smith Mesa OHV Trail System

Sheridan Mountain provides some forest cover but it’s minimal. Much of this track is still an open country riding area where you’ll need to bring plenty of water during the warmer months. Quite rocky in spots. Aim for Camp Wood to stay overnight and there aren’t any toilets or showers.

15. Shea Pit and Osborne Wash Area

For being remote, head for the Shea Pit and Osborne Wash Area. You’ll feel a million miles away in the scrubs and be able to camp just about anywhere you need.

Getting Started

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6 Best Wyoming Dirt Bike Trails Worth Exploring (2023)

Living in Wyoming? You’ve got some really great dirt bike trails around which are close to Cheyenne, Casper and Laramie.

Whether you’re new to the sport or are an experienced rider, seeing the state or in fact, the entire country by motorcycle is one sure fire way to have fun! Life isn’t meant to be lived behind the cell phone screen.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Tracks in Wyoming

We’ve created this guide after trawling through many forum posts and Facebook groups. This took us some time and we’ve removed MX riding circuits as those tracks are generally for racing enthusiasts as opposed to enduro riders.

To go riding legally, you’ll need a Wyoming ORV Permit if you are riding on public land. It’s best to purchase these online prior to heading out. We also wanted to bring you the more premium areas in which to ride, thus, this list is short yet sweet.

These are Wyoming’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Long Springs

Long Springs is considered to be a great area to explore on a dirt bike and it’s right on the border with Idaho. It’s withou the Caribou-targhee National Forest and there are around 30 miles of single track to explore in this beautiful alpine forest. The terrain is quite rugged and you can camp at Palisades Reservoir.

2. McCullogh Peaks

McCullough Peaks is immensely popular with riders all over Wyoming because there are more than 100 miles of trails to cover in this open area. The tracks are quite easy-going and you’ll probably lift up into 5th gear on occasions too. There are boat ramps and campgrounds so it isn’t just about the riding here.

3. Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area

This is government land and everyone is welcome to ride the many trails and play areas. Given that the foliage is limited, you can really ride anywhere you want in most cases. The staging area allows even the biggest toy haulers to pull up and unload and the area doesn’t close in the winter months. No camping here but some people simply camp overnight anyway.

4. White Mountain

WHen you’re chasing miles of loops and more loops,k don’t look any further than White Mountain. This is another place where it’s open year-round and is ideal for riding dirt bikes. People come from across Wyoming and even out of state to experience this place and really pick up some serious speed on their motorcycles. If you’re itching for top gear, then this is the place to do it.

5. Killpecker Sand Dunes

Killpecker is a sand dune and the 2nd largest in the world, with the largest being Fraser Island in Australia. There isn’t any base here so if you can, fit a paddle tyre to keep your traction strong as you push through this stuff. If you’re jumping then bring some buddies with one volunteering as a spotter during their rest times since this place can get busy during weekends and the holiday season.

6. Boulder Park

Inside BIghorn National Forest is Boulder Park where you’ll find miles and miles of epic logging roads in which to let your front tire lead. The scenery is even better with great views over the valleys and tall pine trees mixed in with some open savannah. Fortunately there is a campground here and we do recommend staying 1 to 2 nights to really see everything. Not much in the way of facilities here though so you’ll need to haul everything in.

Start Riding Today

There is no more time to waste binge-watching another dude cruising along on his dirt bike. It’s time to get yourself behind the handlebars and experiencing these epic trails in the state. Get some buddies together and make it happen today!

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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario (2023)

Toronto and Ottawa both have a developing dirt bike riding community, and fortunately there are some great trails to explore.

The type of trails that the Government of Ontario approves riding. Essentially, these spots are legal and often free provided you have a licence and registration on your motorcycle.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Ontario

In creating this guide, Frontaer looked for hours as to where riders were spending their weekends. We did this work to save you the time and effort so you could get straight out there and explore yourself. Whether you’re using a trailer or are the type to ride straight in (hello there dual-sport and adventure riders!), you won’t be disappointed with this list.

These are currently the most popular dirt bike trails in Ontario:

1. Voyageur Multi-Use Trail Sytem

Everyone knows Voyageur and it’s near Mattawa. There are various loops and the terrain has open country and forested tracks paired with some gnarly hill climbs. Diversity galore and for the beginner, this is certainly recommended yet those with a few years riding experience won’t be left disappointed. People drive from across the border actually to ride here so you won’t just be sharing it with locals. Note: This spot gets busy on weekends.

2. Ganaraska Forest Dirt Bike Trails

Head northest from Toronto and you’ll come across Newcastle and the Ganaraska Forest. You may want to bring an extra gas can or two because there is more than 200 miles in which to explore through forests and open country. The best riding conditions are the summer months but avoid the region after recent rainfall as it can be quite muddy.

3. Northumberland County Forest

While not as big as Ganaraska, Northumberland is still worth the visit. You’ll find this trail system near Cobourg and the area is looked after very well by the Northumberland Trail Riders Club. This spot is also used by 4×4 enthusiasts so it’s best to slow down on blind corners.

4. Burnt River Dirt Bike Park

For the motocross rider, this one is quite popular and very close to Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton,. You can choose the motocross park or let yourself loose on the 13km trail system. For those helping their children to develop skills on 2-wheels, the PeeWee track is very popular and has some good jumps and easy corners with mild whoop sections.

5. Erie Ramblers

Yes, this is a motocross track but a very natural one. It’s southwest of Wheatley and near Detroit. Unfortunately, this spot is only open to riders during summer and slightly into September due to the cold weather and lack of numbers, but worth checking out if you’re tired of the crowds at other areas.

6. GoPHER Dunes

While yes, this is a motocross track in parts but you’ll love the 26km of groomed trails ready to explore. It’s really flat out here so you won’t have to deal with frustrating hill climbs and descents. You’ll be struggling to get lost out here too because everything is clearly marked. If you prefer the sand and mud over the gnarly rocks, then head to GoPHER this weekend!

Get Yourself Going

We’re tired of seeing armchair riders in the dirt biking community. Those that spend more time reading and watching instead of being out there and developing their skills. Unless you’re recovering from injury, make the most of this guide and get out there yourself!

If you’re struggling to find others to ride with, then head into the Toronto Facebook group. Inside you’ll find other likeminded people who welcome beginners. They also organize camping trips and some week-long expeditions into other riding areas of Canada. Well worth it!

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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Maine To Explore Now (2023)

Maine has some great dirt bike tracks begging to be ridden, with Portland, Lewiston and Bangor areas being close to the city.

In our opinion, it’s best to experience life behind the handlebars with the hum of a 4-stroke between the legs. So many people in North America miss out on this experience in leui for a life behind the computer screen.

Best Maine Dirt Bike Riding Trails

With this guide, consider us to have done the hard work for you. These dirt bike trails throughout Maine have been vetted for the enduro and adventure seekers among us.

We’ve omited MX clubs and motocross tracks because, while racing is great, you’re probably wanting a free-range area. The type of place where you can explore with your front wheel guiding you in every direction.

Therefore, these Maine dirt bike tracks are the most popular:

1. Katahdin Lodge

The most popular area to ride dirt bikes is Katahdin Lodge as there are hundreds of miles here to explore. You’ll be riding through incredible forests and dirt roads with the occasional creek crossing and waterfall to see along the way. Expect to see Moose and Deer here and the occasional ber too. It’s best to stay overnight and Katahdin is open year-round unlike most other spots.

2. Moose Alley Riders ATV Trails

Moose Alley is fantastic and there are more than 100 miles of dirt bike trails that you can explore. People haul their gear from all over Maine to explore this spot and the area is open during Summer and Fall. No camping available at this stage though you can see most of this area in a day-trip pretty easily.

3. Natures Wilderness Resort

THis is a resort where the whole family can have some serious fun. Leave the kids and the wife back at camp and head out to explore the woods on your dirt bike through miles of forest trails. The terrain can be rugged and gnarly so it’s best to be ridden with others who can help you through some of these obstacles. Back at the resort you can hire a boat or kayak and enjoy some fresh food from the general store or restaurant. This is the ultimate dirt bike glamping experience!

4. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

There isn’t that much at Rocky Mountain to get excited over…unless you love the gnarly stuff! Plus the kids will get a blast because they have a PeeWee track which is perfect to help them develop their dirt bike riding skills over time. There may be a motocross track opening here soon but until then, the enduro trails are worth exploring and you can choose to do a day-trip or camp overnight.

5. Dixmont Trails

At Dixmont you’ll find about 20 miles of great tracks to explore. This spot is popular with dual-sport riders as the terrain is relatively flat all the way through with some excellent stealth camping opportunities. If you want to work on your sand riding skills then this is a great place as the sand pits add some challenge to your day.

6. Mount Agamenticus

While not the best, Mount Agamenticus is great for those looking for a quick ride through the wilderness on 2 wheels. This spot is popular with ATV riders as well as those on horse back and mountain bikes, so keep this in mind. To get here, aim for the Cedar Trailhead.

Getting Started

There you have it! Some pretty epic spots in Maine to go exploring on your dirt bike. For some of these areas you’ll need registration but for others, they reside on private property where you can bring an unregistered MX bike for some serious thrills.

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