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Dirt Bike Tracks Around Australia: State-By-State Guide (2023)

So you’re looking to find some trails in which to ride your dirt bike. Frontaer has you covered with legal Australian tracks.

We have built numerous state by state guides to help you get out there and explore our own country. No one else was really doing this properly for the local riding community, so we stepped in and volunteer hundreds of hours to the cause.

Dirt Bike Tracks Australia-Wide

While the greenies keep trying to shutdown riding areas to protect the endangered tadpoles, luckily there are numerous options. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Victorian High Country are highly regarded as epic places to go riding for free.

Likewise, there are some good private riding parks around that are still open, despite the rising insurance premiums. It’s a damn good time to be alive and get out there, especially with 250’s and 450’s being readiliy available.

When we started out riding many moons ago, it was hard to know actually where you could legally take a dirt bike in Australia. Some sites were owned by people who didn’t even live in Australia. Frontaer is run by Frontaer Pty Ltd. What does that mean? We’re a real Australian company. Yeah mate! 😃

And so, we want to help you by finding some epic places to let that throttle loose and get that back tyre spinning. Not the motocross tracks so much. Yes, we love racing and enduro especially, but we wanted national forests and government crown land with fire tracks. Essentially, free riding areas that the local councils and let us ride in without the hassle of the police chasing us down.

We always wanted to know what riding parks were available too just in case we had a few bucks spare in the bank account to pay the entrance fees. Plus a few hours spare to haul there and back. You’ll notice that many of those pay + play + camp spots are just hours and hours outside of our capital cities. Politics man!

The State by State Guide

It’s been 100+ hours putting this all together for everyone. We don’t even accept donations here at Frontaer. We simply want you to have a good time out there on the dirt trails. We’d appreciate some help if we’ve missed riding areas in any of these guys. Just give us a holla.

Likewise, we’d appreciate it if you could share this on your Facebook profiles and groups. This really helps others to know where they could be riding and places they’ve been missing out on recently.

How do you get the guides? Click on the city name and you’ll be taken to an individual city/state guide for your hometown. Check out the other states too if you’re ever over for a holiday.

Brisbane and Surrounds

Queensland is the home of dirt bikes nationally and just about everything else for outdoor enthusiasts. Even in winter, the weather is mild and it hardly rains too. What does this mean? Sunny weekends paired with cool politicians that still let us riding close to the city. Note that we created seperate riding area guides for the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast too. Toowoomba/Ipswich are included in our Brisbane list.

Melbourne and Surrounds

While very well known as the nanny state of Australia, Victoria surprisingly has dozens of places to ride a dirt bike. Many of these spots are near Melbourne too with day-trips relatively easy. Get there early (8am) and with an extra jerry can, you can ride all day and load up late in the afternoon with a Maccas run on the way home.

Adelaide and Surrounds

Adelaide is the nanny city with too many churches and not enough places to ride dirt bikes. You’ve essentially gotta haul up and go 2 hours out of town and away from the bereaucrats. From here, you’ll find yourself some freedom up the Riverland way, down near Coorong or out towards the Flinders Ranges and beyond.

Sydney and Surrounds

The rich property devleopers of Sydney have bought up tracks of land that we used to ride on, but not all of ’em just yet. You’d think they would have enough money already, right? Sydney does have some good tracks though most of these are private riding areas. Just like Adelaide, you’ll have to haul up and drive for a couple of hours to find anything decent.

Perth and Surrounds

Perth isn’t backwards. In fact, they’re very much forward-thinking when it comes to dirt bikes. Must be the huge FIFO crowd that needs to let off some steam on their days off. There are numerous places to ride in Perth though most of these are private riding parks where you have to pay an entrance fee. There has been some community involvement recently and they’ve opened up some free riding areas too.

Northern NSW

We created a seperate guide for Northern NSW because Lismore, Byron and Coffs Harbour do have some really pristine country to ride dirt bikes. Most of these spots are private areas (pay to play) though there are some 4×4 tracks to run down if your dirt bike is legal. The good thing about this region is the laid back nature of people and you can ride on the beach in some spots.

Darwin and Surrounds

Yep – we haven’t forgotten about Darwin. Surprisingly, there isn’t much in the city centre where you can ride a dirt bike unless you count the motocross track. You’ve gotta haul up and head at least an hour out of town to find anything decent. Certainly, it’s an adventure riding heaven with dual-sporters always dropping in on their 2-wheel trip around Australia.

Canberra and Surrounds

Who could forget the nation’s capital? We’ve certainly thought about Canberra and certainly there aren’t that many trails around the city. You’ve gotta get a couple of hours out of town and you’ll find some good yet gnarly tracks around. The best part is that the tracks are pretty well quite in the winter months and you might even see some snow.

Cairns QLD

Closing off this list is Cairns which has some great dirt bike riding tracks, but most importantly, the freedom that we’re all chasing. If the southern states could learn a thing or two, it’s that riding areas need to stay open for tourism. We can’t let the greenies take over everything, right? Let’s not forget about Mackay or Townsville either.

Riding It Out

There you have it! Some epic places in which you can explore with the hum of a 4-stroke and the smell of petrol leaking out of the fuel cap. No better way to spend our weekends!

We recommend that you join in with one of the several dirt bike groups on Facebook. The Dual-Sports Riders Association is a great one to look out for and they organize group rides on private property. A great way to meet other fellow riders who share the same passion.

If you’re looking to ride around Australia with a dirt bike, then you certainly can do this. Dozens of people have and the 450cc to 700cc class is ideal if you want to mix some highway KMs with some offroad gravel tracks along the way. You’ll probably want to get a Safari Tank as there are some long distances between fuel stops and the prices aren’t too impressive.

Then again, the 250L by Honda with the adventure fairings is a pretty capable bike. If the budget is tight, then there’s seriously good value with a light frame and plenty of mods to suit.

Catch you out there!

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